SC extranet front page v3

Congratulations! You have reached Scanclimber Extranet which can be viewed as an extension of an Scanclimber's Intranet that is extended to users outside our company, to our partners, vendors, and suppliers, in isolation from all other Internet users.  

By Extranet we hope to benefit you by

  • Sharing information like product manuals, pricelists and photographs exclusively with trade partners
  • Collaborate with our partners on joint development efforts
  • Jointly develop and use training programs
  • Provide or access to new services
See what's NEW on our Extranet!
As our registered user you can view and download the latest updates, for example:
  • Marketing material: brochures, posters, photos
  • Instruction manuals and spare part catalogues
  • Service bulletins

You can sign up via the LOGIN TO EXTRANET button!

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